Affiliate Marketing, 6 reasons to work with an agency

Autor: Affilired

Affiliate performance marketing agencies facilitate, simplify and optimize the work of advertisers.

As we discussed in our previous Affiliate networks post if as an advertiser, your main objective is to increase sales or direct bookings on your website by promoting a product or service, then, Affiliate marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy.

You probably already know how Affiliate marketing works, but if not, take a look at this simple info- graph which shows how it works in a short and simple way.

But the one thing that we have failed to explain in depth up until now, is the role of the marketing agency plays throughout the whole process. While some advertisers venture into the world of affiliate marketing by managing everything in-house and working directly with networks, others entrust the management of this operation to agencies specializing in affiliate marketing. The dilemma is: do you choose to go it alone and do it in-house, or do you hand it all over to a specialist agency? Before making a final decision, it is worthwhile considering several key points.

6 Reasons to entrust your affiliate marketing campaigns to a specialized agency:

  • Maximum optimization and time saving.

At first glance, it can appear to be more profitable to incorporate affiliate managers who assume in-house management, but we need to ask, can they do the same work as a whole team dedicated to that same task?

At the beginning, Affiliate marketing requires a heavy investment in time, since launching a new program is not easy and requires prior experience in order to be able to complete the entire process successfully.

Whereas, when you work with an agency, you have at your disposal a group of experts that will invest all their time and energy into your campaigns. Thanks to their experience, they are able to manage and constantly monitor your campaigns, making sure that the best tactics are applied, and any possible problems are solved in the fastest and most effective way. In addition, they have a wealth of valuable data that is very useful when it comes to optimizing your campaigns.

  • Management of multiple affiliate programs and networks.

With some affiliate networks, the payment of fees for the launch of a program or monthly fees is normal. There are even some networks that require a minimum monthly return to continue working with them. Then there are agencies that have preferential agreements with the networks and that take charge of such payments, as is the case with Affilired.

With regards to the invoices, bear in mind that if you manage the campaigns with each of the networks yourself, the payment of the invoices can be an arduous task for the accounts department. You will have to pay the invoices of the hundreds of affiliates that can potentially generate sales one by one which can be very time-consuming. In the case of Affilired, we offer an “all-in-one” solution, where the data from your campaigns is unified into a single panel and from which you will receive a unified invoice.

  • Management of publishers.

The recruitment, validation and management of publishers is perhaps the lesser known but equally important task. Before launching your program, you must ensure your chosen publishers are able to relate to your target audience, are aware of its existence and then you must convince them to promote your programs. And, it gets worse, it doesn’t stop there! You have to provide the publishers with a constant and consistent feed of promotional material  so that they continue the momentum and keep your campaign alive. Plus, you will need to maintain a relationship with each of the publishers, especially those of higher value to you. As part of this process, you will need to continually validate the quality of their work and of course, constantly foster their loyalty. And don’t forget! This process must be repeated with each of your chosen networks.

Whereas, agencies have an affiliation team that is exclusively dedicated to this very process and, in the case of Affilired, after years of experience in the sector, we have already established very close relationships with some of the most important publishers on the international scene which makes working with them so much easier.

  • Simple and efficient technology to measure and control sales.

Agencies usually develop their own technology capable of managing and controlling all active campaigns. In Affilired, for example, we have a platform where you can see the evolution of all your active campaigns in different networks and on which you can validate or, if required, even cancel sales.

As an advertiser you would be working directly with the networks entering each of their platforms on which your programs are active, to control and validate the various sales, this translates into a significant increase in the time spent managing multiple platforms.

  • Mayor ROI, lower investment.

At Affilired we use a CPA model or cost per acquisition, that is, you pay once you have achieved a previously established goal. With Affilired, this could be a sale or reservation of your product or service.

The advantage of this model is that your campaigns are constantly active, enhancing your brand image and attracting qualified traffic while you pay nothing, the initial investment is made by us, and, as we have said, you only pay a percentage once you have obtained a sale. This way, your ROI is always assured.

  • Awareness of sector trends.

All agencies are usually very active at the industry events; this is where they learn the latest trends in technology and tools to apply to your campaigns. It is a relatively small and tightly knit sector in which everyone knows everyone else (publishers, suppliers, networks, agencies), where knowledge and advances are shared and reported back to clients. The sector not easy to navigate if you are on your own and doing everything in-house; an agency can open doors where a lone advertiser cannot.

You will find Affilired present at all the most important fairs that are held worldwide throughout the year. This way we can tell you all the latest news; making sure you never miss out on what the latest trends nor what the latest campaign tools are.