ffinedays, the new Affilired adventure

Autor: Affilired


We bid farewell to the Affilired Awards to make way for the #ffinedays!

The Affilired Awards have been part of Affilired for eight happy years. They started modestly, but eventually blossomed into what many know now as “Affilired’s special night”, where fun and a friendly atmosphere was always on the menu.

But as time passed, we began to realize that as our client base grew, the Affilired Awards had one limitation. It was becoming more and more difficult to gather as many clients, friends and colleagues as possible under one roof and on the same day.

And that’s why we decided it was time for a change. So, please make way for #ffinedays: informal networking meetings to be held in different parts of the world and on different dates. We hope this new format will give you greater opportunity to meet with the Affilired team and other professionals in the sector, creating new synergies and helping to improve old ones.

No grandiloquent speeches, no high-pressure sales pitches nor presentations of novel and exciting solutions, #ffinedays is simply a chance to get together to relax and talk about the present and the future of tourism in a relaxed atmosphere, neither cocktails nor canapés will be lacking.

So, have we aroused your curiosity? Do you want to know more about the #ffinedays? Enter our new website: www.ffinedays.com and find out where our next events will be and join the one/ones you can attend.

Keep in mind that #ffinedays are dynamic encounters, unlike many larger events that are planned way in advance. We will be publishing new dates and cities throughout the year; check the website regularly for updates. Stay tuned!