3 years of collaborating with the Bal Niketan orphanage

Autor: Affilired

We are collaborating since 2016 with Bal Niketan India.

Over the years, Affilired has always supported various charitable causes especially those who appear to go above and beyond the ordinary. However, it was not until 2016 we decided to begin a long-term relationship with the Bal Niketan orphanage in Pachkula, India.

Supporting the organization and supporting the children has been undoubtedly one of the best things we have ever done. Right from the beginning, the relationship with them went beyond the merely material or economic. The 13th of every month, two of our colleagues from our Indian office, visit the orphanage to have a special meal with the children and spend a few hours with them where having some fun and teaching the children is a key main objective.

In addition to the meals, Affilired help provides extra activities such as computer classes, these are designed to equip the children with knowledge and tools that they don’t normally have access to in their daily lives.

Last December, Diego Gomila, CEO of Affilired, whilst celebrating Christmas season at our offices in India, visited the children at the orphanage to give them a special gift, which made everyone including the children very emotional.

In the words of our CEO:

It is difficult to describe the emotions we all felt, but seeing their looks and smiles before their gifts were even opened, reaffirmed our decision to support the most vulnerable groups, in this case, the children at the orphanage.