Affilired is now Certified Google Click Tracker

Autor: Affilired

New push towards greater transparency in the management of digital campaigns.

Google Certified Click Tracker

In an era where user protection and transparency are paramount, Affilired has achieved a remarkable feat by being officially recognized as a Google Certified Click Tracker.

Affilired obtiene el certificado “Google Certified Clicktracker

This achievement takes on special significance in light of the recent initiatives by Google to improve the quality of its digital campaigns.

The week of August 28 will be marked by Google’s update to its policy regarding the use of third-party click trackers, which aims to strengthen defenses against potentially harmful SEM (Search Engine Marketing) ads.  Advertiser accounts using click tracking for the first time will be required to use certified click trackers within the Tracking Template feature.

Furthermore, the possibility that Google will apply this requirement retroactively in the near future underscores the urgency and importance of complying with these new rules.

This step taken by Google is a ray of light for the performance marketing industry. It stands as a determined barrier against certain affiliates who, always acting in the shadows, have been using malicious click trackers as tools of deception. Their tactics have ranged from manipulating user redirection based on factors such as IP addresses, geographic locations or even time of day. Their goal? To hide their digital footprints while deceiving unsuspecting advertisers, affiliate networks and agencies.

Oscar Riera comments “From now on it will no longer be possible to deceive advertisers by breaching SEM policies under the umbrella of misleading redirects, such as fake referrers from content sites that were actually disguised SEM campaigns, or simply excluding some geographic areas so that the advertiser could not detect their deceptive practices.

This change is a milestone, where advertisers, agencies, networks and other performance marketing players win; and fraudulent affiliates, who only seek profit at any cost, lose.”

Affilired becoming a certified Google Transparent Click Tracker provider reflects our commitment to transparency, quality and good marketing practices. Not only are we proud of this achievement, but it also assures our clients of the highest quality service.