Who is Rosa López?

Autor: Affilired

We say hello to April by celebrating Rosa López‘s birthday.

So, who is Rosa? She is our Global Head of Administration. We just love her relaxed and sensible personality as well as the macrobiotic food she always brings in the office. Apart from being the most elite runner, she is an avid climber of the Mallorcan cliffs. She is also our in-house yogi and teaches us how to bend and not break!

  • Rosa, let’s start with your Yogi side, which Mantra would you recommend for when we wake up?

OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. This mantra helps to connect with ourselves. You should sing it 108 times nonstop. At the begining it can get a bit tedious so you can start with a multiple of 108, but 27 is the minimum, as it is important to respect this mystic number. How can you do this without losing track? You need a “mala” (a type of bracelet), as each mala has 108 beads to help you counting. You can also get a bracelet with just 27 beads.

  • Choose a movie title which sums up the story of your life.

I don’t think there’s a film which describes my life, but I can tell you which film has had the most impact on me, and which also shares my vision of life: Mr. Nobody.

  • What’s the strangest hobby you have?

I’m afraid to say I have very normal hobbies, but never have enough time for all of them, so I read, learn about different musics, experiment with different flavours in the kitchen and I also do sports (there are lots still to try out). Perhaps what they all have in common and that could be classed as a bit peculiar is that they are all connected to what makes me dream. I like everything that’s got to do with dreams. I’m deeply fascinated by Jean Pierre Garnier Malet and “The Doubling of Time Theory” and The Toltec Active Dreaming Technique.

  • Can you tell us which three things are still left to do on your bucket list?

To see a glacier, to try hang-gliding and to swim with sharks.

  • If you could have a superpower, which would you choose?

Obviously, I would choose to fly. But I’d supplement it with travelling and dreaming (she says with a big smile!)