Warming up for FUTURIZZ 2017

Autor: Affilired

AffiliRed + Futurizz + 26th & 27th April= Meeting point!

Digital Marketing, Content, Ecommerce, Big Data, Social Channels, Internet of things, Programmatic, User experience & technologies will be the main topics at Futurizz 2017 and we aren’t going miss it under any circumstances!

Futurizz is the main meeting point in Spain for our Operations Department, it is the place where we catch up with travel industry affiliates and Affiliate networks, as well as immersing ourselves in the latest trends of the digital world. This is why Madrid will be the Digital Capital for these 2 days!

As it is such an engaging event, not only all of our Operations team will be there but also part of our IT team. They will be ready to put any doubts you have to rest or answer any technical questions you might have.

Keep in mind that meeting up with both Operations & Tech AffiliRed departments in the same place at the same time, is one chance in a million!
Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today! Contact us now to guarantee an appointment.

See you in Madrid, the Digital Capital!