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Who is Iván Sánchez?

Today we are chatting to Iván Sánchez, the latest recruit to the Technical Department and the rookie of the company. He might be the “youngest” in the Spanish office, but equally he is one of the biggest: for his height, his smile, his willingness to learn and for his contribution and mediator skills.

So let’s meet today our Tech.Support, hooligan tamer and Master of MOBA.

  • Iván, we know you’re a true expert in dealing with the hordes in Magaluf with their insatiable appetite for the elixir of the gods! What’s your most memorable anecdote (one, of course, without risking the wrath of the censor!)

Without risking the wrath of the censor? well, none!…no, just kidding…To be honest, there are lots of tales about Magaluf that I could tell you, but one of the funniest was when a customer fell asleep with his head on his plate (burger and fries with lots ‘n’ lots of ketchup!). Well, you can imagine his face when he woke up I couldn’t stop myself from laughing when he came and asked for another beer.

  • Describe your perfect weekend.

Friday night at the movies followed by a good pizza and, to finish the night off, going for a cool refreshing bottle of mead.

Saturday go for an excursion followed by some board games in the evening.

Sunday spent chilling at home watching a movie series on TV.

All of this done surrounded by the best company of course!

  • If a genie was to grant you 1 wish what would you ask for?

I would ask him to grant all of my wishes at once and then as time went on I would slowly use them to improve my life, the lives of the people surrounding me and, of course, the world in general which every day seems to get worse.

  • Which is the best and the worst advice you have ever been given?

The best: “The best pencils don’t always write the best”.

The worst: “If you wait till the last minute, it gets done in a minute”.

  • Which Superhero (or supervillain) would you like to be?

I am Groot

I am…Groot

I…am Groot

I am Groot!!!


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