The importance of the Agency in Performance Marketing

Autor: Affilired

Launching a Performance Marketing Campaign is hard working and expensive when the advertiser has to assume the overall setup and management.

Just starting of a single program on each territory of an affiliate network is pretty expensive as a first step, without even accounting the expenditures and maintenance involving all technical costs such as implementing and monitoring the tracking code. A good alternative is to hire the services of a agency specializing in this field, which will benefit both economically and also will save time in the team management.


The Performance Marketing Agency acts as an intermediary between the advertiser and the publishers (affiliates) or the affiliate networks. The agency is responsible of the designing and the implementation of the strategy in the affiliate networks, managing creatives, product feeds or even managing special advertising activities with publishers as well as being involved in certain technical requirements such as the verification of the tracking code or taking care of fraud control among many other tasks. Conditions of each agency may vary from the payment model to the services included or monthly fees, so it is important to take your time and carefully make a selection of the agency you will trust your campaigns to.

Given the big differences between the agencies offering their services lets take as an example of Case Study the company AffiliRed, a clear example of agency offering comprehensive services under a risk-free business model, this is, Cost Per Action (read CPA previous posts). So, AffiliRed is a agency specialising in the Travel sector, and is responsible for the global management of the programs, from setting up the programme in multiple networks to bearing the costs of these launchings in the networks, recruiting affiliates, verifying sales, etc and the advertiser will only have to pay for the results obtained for all this agency work.

This comprehensive programme management includes the creation of the program (time consuming) and all the promotional tools needed to launch the program, multiple network launching, according to the targeted market of each advertiser, technical support (tracking code testing, brand protection, fraud control), representation of the advertiser in key marketing events and summits and personalized account management which includes regular reporting of performance, unified billing, or a sales alert system.

Thanks to AffiliReds’ business model the advertiser can completely delegate the management of their campaigns to the agency and forget about monthly payments or any administrative costs resulting from the launchings. This is the reason why AffiliRed, which was established in 2009, has grown exponentially over the years and currently manages over 150 programmes for worldwide leading companies from the tourism sector. The company even has a delegation in India, specializing in the Asian Pacific market and created to be able to provide with the best support to its clients at all levels.