Tips to increase sales this Black Friday with Affiliate Marketing

Autor: Affilired

Black Friday has become a worldwide phenomenon. On the fourth Friday of every November, right after Thanksgiving, you cannot miss this ever so important event in marketing and sales.

Black Friday emerged in 1960 as an American offline event, created to increase sales before Christmas.

Now, according to the Spanish Association of the Digital Economy, 93% of Spanish companies participated in launching offers during Black Friday 2018. And half of them continued until Cyber Monday.


Analyzing Black Friday

These data speak for themselves:

  • From the last week of November to the end of the year, 2020 global sales were 1.1 trillion.
  • Nearly 13 million Spanish adults plan to shop on this day. According to data from Deloitte Spain, the average expenditure is 127 euros per person.
  • The expected increase this year is over 11 % and sales will grow by 35 %.
  • The sectors with the highest sales will be technology, fashion and leisure.

Keys to take advantage of Black Friday

Making the most of this opportunity requires planning ahead and applying a well-defined strategy. At Affilired we stimulate your commercial activity through a commission-based sales system. We specialise in the world of travel.

Affiliate marketing is one of the keys to success. Now is the time to take advantage of big data to offer commercial proposals that meet the expectations of your customers and followers. You can also use relevant influencers to persuade them or reach other segments.

Here are some of the essential keys that allow you to make this date profitable through affiliate marketing.

1. Plan ahead

Improvisation is the worst company in any marketing action. With the exception of specific sectors, September and October are a valley time for e-commerce. This is the perfect period to decide how to approach the Black Friday marketing plan. It involves defining which products and discounts to prioritise, which segments to focus on and which communication plan to activate.

In terms of affiliation, it is essential to send offers to prescribers in good time. In this way, they will be able to develop their newsletters and landing pages well in advance. In fact, you will allow them to design and conceive them more neatly and publish them on time.

2. Analyse the competition

Ideally, good offers would attract customers on such a commercial date. In practice, our promotions rival those of competitors and are often mutually exclusive.

It is vital, therefore, to research the track record of our rivals and their current approaches. Only when we manage to stand out from our peers can the public decide to choose us. In this sense, market research will help to make the most effective strategic decisions.

3. Pushing attractive offers

The essence of Black Friday is to push advantageous discounts to trigger shopping. All brands are aware of this and act accordingly.

That’s why your promotions must be very aggressive. Unreasonable. Only if they stand out and beat the competition will customers opt for those products or services.

4. Segmentation and awareness

In the analytical phase prior to the strategy, it is necessary to identify the most productive prescribers or publishers. It is advisable to target them with promotions with even more impactful prices and discounts. Developing a tactic based on enhanced discount codes will make them sell more and stimulate their followers.

At the same time, reward affiliates’ loyalty. Sending a newsletter or an email with special offers will generate conversions. It is also a good idea to create a landing page with promotions and incentives just for them.

5. Variety of coupons

There are commercial platforms whose raison d’être is to collect and present bargains classified by sectors and products. In the run-up to Black Friday, many internet users consult these references while deciding on their purchases.

Reaching partnership agreements with these sites and placing coupons on them can attract new customers at this time of the year. When it is a little-known or well-known brand, these intermediaries also provide cache and recognition.

6. Retargeting

Create and invest in display ads, especially on Google Display, targeted to those who have already interacted with your website. Since these are people who have been attracted to your products or services, retargeting will move them through the conversion funnel faster.

An additional benefit? You can customise your advertising based on their interests and behaviours.

7. Exclusiveness

Incentivise purchase impulse with other incentives, beyond discounts. For example, you can create product packs for combined purchases. Or add experiential formulas that make your products even more significant.

In short, it is up to you to take advantage of this Black Friday, and its subsequent Cyber Monday, to obtain substantial income. Affiliate marketing is the great asset that you should apply. Plan ahead and put yourself in the hands of a prestigious company with a successful track record like Affilired.